We’ve launched a Crowd-funder to get @BirminghamSoup off the ground…

Project aim

SOUP is a micro-granting event that helps communities raise money for a project in their local area; the idea came from the very awesome Detroit SOUP initiative. We want to fight austerity through positive action and help create opportunities for people and their ideas in Birmingham.

All monies raised at a SOUP event goes to the project that gets the most votes – simple. However that means there is no money to run the event and to get started we need help with a few things, so here we are asking the community to help out.

About the project

The goal of Birmingham SOUP is to offer a safe space where people can gather and share a meal to encourage conversation, relationship building and resource sharing while supporting creative community projects in Birmingham. We want to be democratic, creative, sustainable and inclusive.

SOUP is a great way to raise money, build community support and get connections to local resources that can help you carry out your project.

What happens? Each event sees four project proposals presented over an evening of food, fun and music. With a suggested entrance fee of £5 supporters are encouraged to bring and share food while voting for the community project they think is the best. The project with the most votes wins the money taken on the door and leaves with the funds that evening.

What we do: SOUP gives residents the opportunity to learn about creative projects happening in Birmingham and vote on the project that they believe is the best benefit to the community. It feeds the needs of small enterprises who require help and guidance and gives them the opportunity to pitch for micro-funding, share their project ideas and network with like-minded people.

Why we do it: SOUP brings together neighbours, supports the democratic process, features local artists, acts as a platform to share resources and supports projects that benefit the community. It’s a fun space to meet people, gain knowledge, make connections and network.

Who we are: SOUP Birmingham is made up of a group of 16 volunteers who have a desire to make positive change for their local community. The group is made up of a ‘neighbourhood board’ with a mix of backgrounds and specialist areas the cross outreach, arts, project management and training.

How we will spend the money raised through crowdfunding…

We need to buy a heater for our Soup, some bowls/plates, utensils, spoons, washing up liquid, cups, signage, voting booths, PA, table cloths, napkins – you get the idea.

The purpose of SOUP is to help make community projects happen. We need to find people who are starting new community projects, reach out to them and help get them through the application process. So things like flyers, stamps, envelopes that we can use to reach out to people.

*We plan to source second hand items, when and wherever possible. If you can’t donate money but you can donate any of the items listed please get in touch birminghamsoup@gmail.com

To donate please visit – http://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/birmingham-soup/

Many thanks for reading and helping to spread the word!

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