A grateful hug to @loafonline

The Birmingham SOUP team just wanted to take a moment to give a shout out, thumbs up and all round grateful hug to Loaf.

Loaf is a food-based social enterprise in Birmingham, UK,  a cookery school where you can learn forgotten food skills, and an innovative community supported bakery.

Loaf aims:

“To promote real food and healthy living in Birmingham, and build community through food ”.

This means bringing forgotten food skills and real food back to our kitchens through our cookery courses, community bakery and pop-up events, and helping to restore our local high street at the same time. Any profit made through these projects is directed towards furthering Loaf’s social objectives. Loaf believes everyone has the right to eat real food. Check out what we mean in our Real Food Manifesto at www.loafonline.co.uk

Loaf have supported Birmingham SOUP since get go and we’re very grateful for their generous donation of bread at our SOUP events.

We’d like to point you in their direction, especially as today is Saturday and you may need warm, soft, fresh gorgeous B R E A D  on your breakfast table.

You can find them on Stirchley high street:

Loaf Bakery and Cookery School
1421 Pershore Road
B30 2JL

Find The Loaf team on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/loafonline/ and on twitter https://twitter.com/loafonline

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