The 5th BrumSOUP winner is….


The Danny Campaign! Well done to Emma Turner (pictured centre) who came up with the idea to support ‘rough sleepers’ to communicate with their families via a team of outreach workers who can help make connections.

“Danny Hackett was a young homeless man from Birmingham who passed away in January this year. One of the main issues that Danny’s family faced was that they often were unable to get hold of Danny, or in some cases even locate him, which is where I came up with the idea of the ‘Danny campaign’ which will work on opening up the line of communication for all the homeless people we meet.” Says Emma.

Using a donation system for people to give away their old mobile phones these are then fitted with a sim card (such as giffgaff which allow free network to network calls), loaded with useful numbers and used to help keep track of homeless people who want to let family members know they are OK or where they are.

“We have a direct way of keeping track of people and staying in contact with them again. We hope the opening up of communication lines missing will get these people back in contact with the ones concerned for them.”

Emma received a total donation of £225 from today’s BrumSOUP supporters which will go towards the much-needed PO Box address, advertising the campaign and buying some basic mobile phones to hand out to those who need them.

Congratulations go to our other 3 project pitchers:

Rhys from Shoots of Recovery presented a great project that aims to get people who need support, want to volunteer, get out of the house, or gain new skills to join his social enterprise that uses food growth to help with training and community cohesion. Rhys is launching a crowd funding project in the next week to raise money for equipment.

The Good Gym is a community of runners who keep fit by helping local community organisations. “Instead of lifting things that don’t need lifting in gyms, we run to help those who need it most”. GoodGym is free to participate in and among many things provides manual labour for community orgs, clears derelict land, shifts earth for community gardens, renovates empty spaces and helps any community project that asks for help. As well as this they support those who are isolated and lonely by visiting once a week and helping with basic tasks.

You Only Die Once is one of the themes of ‘Dying Matters Awareness Week 2016’. Anna explained how talking about end of life issues can help to open conversation and help with a ‘good death’. They are planning a full programme of amazing events over 9th-15th of
May 2016.”It will be creative; our core group of artists, writers, undertakers, local charities and healthcare workers are working in our own time pulling together ideas, interweaving music, medicine, performance art, film and literature with information giving to break down barriers and open up conversations. E.g.a Death Disco is already booked, at a local music venue and will be curated by our DJ (and Undertaker) taking the tracks from people’s #funeralplaylist.” #BrumYODO

Thanks go once again to Loaf Online for the bread, Erin & Melanie who made the great soup and cakes, and to anyone kind enough to bring food offerings to this month’s event.

See you in APRIL!

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