Take to the Soapbox at SOUP

Food is at the heart of Birmingham SOUP events (as the name suggests…). Once we’ve heard pitches from some inspiring local projects, attendees sit down to share a meal together and discuss what they’ve heard.

10557305_10152167048611875_3595436961043145844_nBut – we really want SOUP to be more than just the pitches that make it through to the live events (sadly we can’t have everyone who applies pitch at every event). Our aim is to be a democratic platform for all things making Birmingham to be a better community to be part of, and to provide a space to learn about new goings-on in the city.

Given we’re all about contributing & community, we’d love to invite attendees to bring along food to share with the group – it doesn’t have to be soup! Past attendees have brought salads, cakes and bread to share – you don’t even have to bring a lot, just what you can.

If you are able to bring something to share, we’ll invite you to take to the SOUP soapbox for one minute, to share whatever you’d like with the audience.


It may be something you’re working on, an event you’d like to promote, a cause you’d like to draw attention to; as long as it fits the criteria of benefitting the community of Birmingham, then we’re all ears.

If you would like to bring a dish to share with other supporters just email birminghamsoup [@] gmail.com and let us know what you would like to bring!

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