A summer SOUP recap…


Our last Birmingham Soup of the season went off with a bang!

Three projects pitched:

1. Reneta Wallen from LIFT Matters – “a gateway for young people to lift their self-esteem, confidence and empower them to have ambition to succeed, drive and motivation”. Reneta spoke about how many needless deaths were happening in her community, and how she decided she was going to do something about it.


2. Adam Eddleston spoke about Acorn Birmingham – a local chapter of a bigger volunteer organisation that helps communities to build the leadership, capacity and skills of our communities to tackle the vested interests of landlords, for example, and hold decision-makers to account.


3. Raquel Macartney spoke about here art project “Seasons Come And Seasons Go” which helps children to connect with nature and put on exhibitions of their response to the seasons.

We’d suggested a 70s theme, which lead to some interesting food – including vol-au-vents and a dal made by a visiting Nepalese chef!

The whole vibe of the day was warm, focused and incredibly supportive.

Reneta got the most votes and walked away with £145 and a 3-month Mission Birmingham membership of the Impact Hub, which means she can use it as a base two days a month as a base to organise from.


Thanks to everyone who came, cooked, ate, talked, supported, cleared away – and, as always, to Loaf who supplied the delicious bread


We’ve had a lovely break over the summer, and hope you have too. Our next Soup will be on 20th October, 6.30-9.00pm.

If you know of any projects that could do with more awareness (and a bit of cash!) send them to:


The form is super-simple to fill out – not Dragon’s Den!

And if you’re interested in helping Birmingham Soup in any way, just get in touch!

See you in October…

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