SOUP 1st Birthday round-up

OK folks we were SO excited to get to out first birthday in October, and were totally on a high thanks to everyone that came and made it so special, that we forgot to add our lovely pics of the night.

We made screen printed tea towels (designed by our very own Erin and commissioned in conjunction with Eye Candy), we had the most STUNNING birthday cake created by Have Some Cake, a mocktail bar created by Girl Dreamer and 4 excellent projects to vote for… What. A. Night!

SO 1 year of #BrumSOUPS and what have we done? Well over 500 of you lovelies have generously invested almost £3,000 in 10 projects. You have listened to 38 people with projects tell their story and helped many of the projects with advice, assistance and knowledge.

The projects with the most votes and receiving funding were:

1. Elliot Lord – Creating unique card beds for homeless people
2. Mohammed Aerosol AliThe Hubb Arts Centre in Sparkbrook
3. Second Pedals – A bike regeneration project
4. The GAP Arts Project – A young people’s art project in response to the refugee crisis
5. The Danny Campaign – Helping the homeless keep in touch with loved ones
6. Tasty Waste – Reducing food waste through education and community workshops
7. SAD GIRLS CLUB – A collective space for young women with anxiety
8. TICS Magazine – A web based magazine raising awareness of what its like to live with Tourettes
9. LIFT Matters – A social enterprise helping young people achieve their dreams
10. Dibah – Welcome Walk (although Dibah shared her investment with Sharon from Square Peg, Ben from The Real Junk Food Project and Jodi from One Million Lovely Letters – so you could say we’ve had 13 winners).

Our pot luck dinners have served up around 18 Soups (made by our talented SOUP makers from Bearwood Kitchen), countless delish salads and around 200 loaves (kindly donated by LOAF).

By coming to *Impact Hub (*and thank you kindly guys for all the support and hosting us) you have helped to make a real difference to people’s lives. Beyond the people pitching the projects there are of course all the people that the projects help in Birmingham.

SO when’s the next one?
Our next #BrumSOUP is a ‘Wonderful Winter Warmer’ where we’ll be offering you a safe haven to get out of the crazy pre-xmas shopping madness on Saturday 17th December at our home Impact Hub. It’s a family friendly SOUP so all-ages are very welcome.

Doors open 11am and we start at 12noon.

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