What we do: SOUP gives residents the opportunity to learn about projects happening in Birmingham and vote on the project that they believe is the best benefit to the community. It feeds the needs of small enterprises who require help and guidance and gives them the opportunity to pitch for micro-funding, share their project ideas and network with like-minded people.

Why we do it: SOUP brings together neighbours, supports the democratic process, features local artists, acts as a platform to share resources and supports projects that benefit the community. It’s a fun space to meet people, gain knowledge, make connections and network.

Who we are: SOUP Birmingham is made up of a group of 16 volunteers who have a desire to make positive change for their local community. The group is made up of a ‘neighbourhood board’ with a mix of backgrounds and specialist areas including; outreach, arts, project management and training.

Detroit Soup: http://detroitsoup.com/

BBC Documentary: Can Soup Change the World?

See our other pages on How to Submit a Proposal and future event dates.


One thought on “About

  1. brumdesignseo says:

    Great stuff – it’s brilliant to see such positive activities taking place by a group of such dedicated volunteers. I will certainly be keeping an eye out on what’s happening in the local community.


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